Casa degli Artisti


You are entering now in a world, where time belongs only to you.....





Virtual tour entrance 

Visit our rooms

You will enjoy relaxing in a soft and warm ambiance with piano at disposal.

You don’t need to be a musician, as your true notes will always be appreciated and applauded.

Here you find the right place
to reveal your passion for culture
and exhibit your art works,
as well as create
cultural happenings.

Virtual tour hall/dining room


....a charming place to feel nature and its harmony.
In romantic pergolas and corners you will dive into the dimension of serenity.

Virtual tour garden 1
Virtual tour garden 2
Virtual tour garden 3

Do you feel the flow of inspiration?
Here is the art studio with panoramic outside, walk in!

You can also use it to organize courses in painting, sculpture, drawing..... or whatever you wish.


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