Casa degli Artisti


SONJA LEIMBACHER, pupil of Arthur Langlet whose master was Fernand Léger, proposes programs in Action Painting during week-end stays in the CASA DEGLI ARTISTI.
ACTION PAINTING is rhytm and motion, an intense and natural way of enjoying art getting  in touch with your own dynamics. Composing your painting with rhythmical movements, you can discover and experiment your own way and your very personal and unique art style.
This art movement  started in the fifties in the USA and through his most famous pioneer Jackson Pollock is becames known all over the world.
Week-end program
Friday evening :
individual arrivals and at 20.00 welcome drink and dinner. Overnight in doublerooms.
At 10.00 the program starts with an introduction to the informal painting and his different techniques and tools, the use of colours.

During the midday break we prepaire a light meal in plein air and relax enjoying the nature.

In the afternoon we proceed with a guided experimental laboratory.
Sunset time we sit together by an aperitif, celebrating natur’s spectacular event, and we share our impressions and sensations which  may have appeared during the experimental work. 
A tipical italian dinner brings to end this happy day.
This day we live entirely in the new discovered rhythm. With the technique and the motion  we familiarized  most during the experimental work, today we create our  PERSONAL AND UNIQUE ART WORK ,
the canvas we bring with us at home.
After lunch we set up an ehibition and each one presents his art work to the others.
After 16.00 individual departures.
Minimum partecipants 4 pers., max. 10 pers.
On request, this program can be performed also other days of the week and it is  possibel to extend it to more days with a program according to the needs.


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